Heliophagia X

Cover-art: el sol fúnebre
The Heliophagia X compilation is dedicated to the Winter Solstice and the tenth anniversary of the Heliophagia label. The circles close and everything repeats itself all over again.

Cat. №: HEL029


01: Aarni - Path of Return
02: Panacea Enterpainment - iCElation
03: Otzepenevshiye - L.B.C.E.S.B.
04: System Morgue - Lueur
05: Grimirg - Torn In The Winds Of Fall
06: Mokh - Ветер Меж Вершин Деревьев (Wind in the Tree Crowns)
07: Nuit Noire - A Dance In The Night
08: Mrako-Su - Место, где Холодно (The Land of Cold)

Path of Return
Master Warjomaa: Intuition, cries from the crypt, Xothian kantele, the piping of that accursed flute.
Comte de St-Germain: Sensation, alchemical processes and keys to secrets.
Doomintroll: Feeling, sense of fashion and percussionism.
Mistress Palm: Thinking, errors of musical execution, inferior songs, sub-par sound.
Up the stream of Mezla
The disordered mind sees order everywhere
The disordered mind sees order everywhere
But what begins in reality
Must end in reality.
Wading up the stream of Mezla.
The disordered mind sees order everywhere
As above, so below; as within, so without.
Walk and you will learn the Path of Return.
Will, imagination, altered states
Free you from the Fates.
Dosage, setting and set
Thou shalt own thyself.
Let fly your freak flag!
It's all in the Egg.
Panacea Enterpainment
Fever: guitars, programming
Asterius: voice, coughing
Najnas: lyrics

Взял в клещи снежной вьюги
Поверженный ударами войны
На осколки, острой гранью
На этикетках жизней правит значения цены
Зовут с собой уйти отсюда
Усеяны телами ищущих спасенья
Кормят колючим снегом неба
Неистощимы кладовые мщенья.
Надежды нету выбраться
Из бездны
Зияющей за заборами зубов
Чей голод не был утолён
Под покровом снега обрели свой кров.

Arnold_pR, Asterius: everything
System Morgue
Peter LX: everything
Une grande ombre ne peut etre produite que par une grande lumiere.

Adolphe d'Houdetot ;
Dix epines pour une fleur
Torn In The Winds Of Fall
Recorded during Fall 2016 at Patologian Laboratorio Studio.
All musick and lyrics conjured by A. Klemm.

I am fallen like the autumn leaves
I am fallen like the sun before the dark
Return to me
Cold winds of winter
Embrace me
Carry me away
Born of the tempest's call
Torn in the winds of fall
Ветер Меж Вершин Деревьев (Wind in the Tree Crowns)
Nuit Noire
A Dance In The Night
Tenebras: drums / guitar / voice

Drums were recorded in the underground parking lot of a commercial center mall.

Guitars were recorded in the hallway of a house.
Voice was recorded in the middle of the woods.

All those places are in the area of Toulouse, in the south of France.

The soundtakes were made in between july and september 2016, the mix was finished in november, the mastering made in november.
You may want to go to the woods
You may not be scared by the darkness
You may think that it looks pretty
You may not be lazy to walk but...
Don't try to look for me, you will never find me
I am in the moonlight, in the deepest of the night
And if you notice me, in between the bushes
It's not your bionic eyes, it's just because I want to appear in your sight
And if you are able to stand by my side, it is a very good sign
The purity of your heart will bring your hand in mine
And we can have a dance among the trees in the night
You may like the vibe in the air
You may not resist to the call
You may feel something in your heart
You may not want to go back home...
Место, где Холодно (The Land of Cold)
Sumrak: everything
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